Logoprognoz is a centre of efficient brain training. It was created for children with developmental disorders, alalia, autism, ADHD, dyslexia and other speech, behavioral and learning disorders.

The centre operates in the mode of intensive rehabilitation courses (14-16 days). Work methods with a child are chosen individually during a consultation in the childs neurological clinic Prognoz.

Today we possess 25 technics: from traditional speech therapy sessions to modern hardware-program methods of brain training.

You can learn more about our methods in the books written by the centre executuves.

The centre consists of two departments:

Logoprognos near City Hall - for children in the age of 5 to 13

Logoprognos in Paradny kvartal - for children in the age of 2 to 5

Modern equipment, team work of doctors, educators and psychologists together with our confidence about the enormous potential of each of our students allow us teach the childs brain how to work in a more balanced and efficient way within a short time.

Technics of the centre Logoprognoz

These technics allow a childs brain learn working in a more balanced and efficient way. As a result, we see how all areas of a childs life get improved.

What is special about the sessions taking place in Logoprognoz:

  • Only complex intensive courses: 14 - 16 days of daily sessions
  • Individual approach: one child one adult
  • Technics for the individual course are being chosen by specialists of the clinic Prognoz and are based on the results of the neurological diagnostics. Further work is focused on coping with specific dysfunctions in the childs neural system.
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